Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calling All Students!

The Early Decision notifications are creeping in. A friend of mine was the first to check in with her daughter’s acceptance. I was so impressed when she told me that Muhlenberg actually calls its admitted students directly - but astonished to hear that the college leaves messages on students’ cell phones rather than their land lines! After all, how many students only respond to text messages?

If you're the parent of an ED senior, you will help set the tone over the next few days and weeks. Here are some suggestions:

If your student is accepted ED, celebrate! Short of an honor code violation or disciplinary matter, he or she can enjoy a well earned break from the stress of senior year.

If your student is denied, move quickly to activate the backup list. Forget trying to see any more schools. Your student needs to buckle down and author the most personal, thoughtful responses possible on the supplements of colleges on that backup list.

If your student is deferred, he or she should compose himself or herself, then write to the admissions officer(s) handling the ED I decision, bringing the college up to date on any recent accomplishments and asserting continued interest in the college. The letter should be on task and the tone upbeat.

If your student - deferred or denied - has an ED II option at a second-choice college, it's time to go for it! Don’t count on any deferrals coming through as acceptances in the spring. ED II candidates must submit first quarter grades, so that might be a consideration.

For more details, see my blog postings “The Early Bird Gets the Worm . . . But Should it Apply ED II?” and “After Hitting ‘Submit,’ is it Finally Over?”

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